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Sub Video Player lets you watch your library of subtitled and non-subtitled videos anywhere, no internet connection required.

Getting Started

Step 1: Buy Sub Video Player for $2.99

Step 2: Download Sub Video Maker for Free


Mac OS X

Step 3: Create Videos from your MKV Files

Step 4: Copy Videos to your Device and Watch Them


- Supports Advanced SubStation Alpha subtitles
- Supports multiple subtitles tracks
- Supports chapters in multiple languages
- Sync Videos using iTunes File Sharing
- Delete Videos Directly From the App
- Clear Resume Points Directly From the App
- Retina Graphics for Interface and Subtitles


Sub Video Player utilizes the Freetype library. Sub Video Maker utilizes a number of seperate programs including MediaInfo, Mkvinfo, Mkvextract, Bsdtar, Tar and Avidemux. These seperate programs are open source software. Their source code and licenses can be found here.